Happy Leap Day! Here’s How To Make the Most of Your Extra Time

Ok, so it’s not really about just an extra 24 hours. That time will go by in a flash.

We’re in a day and age where we’re constantly on the go, and every minute of our calendars seems to be booked up. They say “time is money,” and, well, it kind of is. Your time is valuable, so if your schedule really is always booked up, it’s important to be cognizant of where you’re spending those precious minutes of your free time.

We know Leap Day is just one extra day, but it’s rare. It only happens once every four years. You don’t have to do all of it in a day, but here are some ways that you can be more intentional about how you’re spending your spare time.


Use this Leap Day to reflect back on where you were four years ago. What are you most proud of on your journey? What do you still want to work on—athletically, career-wise, and personally?

Think of today as a time to celebrate progress as well as set new goals as you move forward for the next four years—and, even more short-term, over the next year.

Learn a New Skill

Exercise new muscles in both your body and mind. Take the plunge on that first CrossFit or yoga class. Plan an epic hike or bike ride, and then go do it.

Sign up for piano lessons or ceramics class. You could even take a skills course related to your career to sharpen up those technical abilities in the workplace. Whatever you do, you’ll be expanding your muscular and/or cranial toolkit.

Make New Connections

People spend an average of almost five hours (but some people spend more) on their phone every day. Everything and anything is kept on our little handheld devices that we carry around like a security blanket, to the point where in any moment of downtime, including in public spaces, we’re taking out our phones and ignoring all of the people around us. Keep yourself in check when you’re pulling out your phone at any and every turn, and, sometimes, just put the phone down.

Strike up a conversation in between reps with the friendly person you overlap with at the gym all of the time. Head to the dinner table without your phone and a few great discussion topics for that day.

Talk to someone in line while you’re waiting for your coffee, make new friends at that new class you’re checking out (see above!), and, ugh, even do some networking for your career. You never know when connecting with someone new will pay dividends—career-wise or in your personal life.

Consolidate Your Time

Sometimes you have to reassess your routine just so you don’t always get stuck in the same one. Think of your biggest time wasters, like surfing certain sites and watching TV, and while it’s important to give yourself time to relax, set a limit on the amount of time you spend on those activities. Think of ways you can run two errands at once rather than doing them separately.

Instead of checking your emails throughout the day, pick a few times per day to check them in batches. Make a list of the three most important tasks you want to accomplish that day, and then do the biggest one, the one that’s causing you the most stress, first. Learn to say no because saying yes to everything is a recipe for burnout.

Call up an Old Friend

You know that friend you’re always saying that you’re going to meet up with but never actually do? Call that friend and make it happen.

Take a Rest Day

The reoccurring theme here in 2024 is that we’re constantly on the move. Sometimes what you need to do with Leap Day or another free day is just relax.

It could be as fancy as treating yourself to a spa day or as simple as taking the day off from the gym and relaxing with a book in the park. Today is the day to allow yourself to binge watch that TV show.

We often work through lunch these days, so even if you have to force yourself, log off for an hour and take a full lunch break. And you could actually take it a step further and use the PTO you’ve been saving up to go on that trip you’ve been thinking about taking for a long time now.


An extra day is a great day to give back to a cause that you’re passionate about (hint hint, U.S.VETS is an incredible organization to work with!) And who knows, you might just find new opportunities and meet likeminded people along the way.

Be a Tourist in Your Own City

It’s easy to get caught up in our routines and forget to appreciate where we live. Go in the shop you keep passing by on your way to the grocery store or check out the cool exhibit that you’ve been seeing advertisements for at your local museum. Even just hitting the park that you don’t spend much time in is a great way to show your city some love and get some fresh air in at the same time.

Start That Side Hustle

Whatever passion project your friends are probably tired of listening to you talk about that you never actually start, do it. Start your blog or vlog, DJ career, or dog walking, personal training, or vintage business. Whatever you’re excited about outside of work, it’s great for your mental and physical health to flex that muscle.

Surprise! We Have a Leap Day Discount

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