Hydrate Better To Perform Better

We know it’s always important to stay hydrated, especially during intense physical activity, but just how important is it? Hydration plays an important role in performance, injury prevention, and recovery for athletes engaged in competitive sports. Being well-hydrated also has overall health benefits, as it improves sleep quality, cognition, and mood.

And if you’re an athlete, you sometimes need something more than just water to give you an extra boost. That’s where PWR LIFT comes in, with ingredients such as BCAAs and electrolytes that help optimize hydration.

Let’s dig into how the ingredients in PWR LIFT work harder for you so you, in turn, can hydrate and perform better.

female athlete flexing her biceps while holding a PWR lift bottle


Electrolytes for Rehydration Assistance

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Electrolytes are essential minerals. They have hydrating benefits such as increased water absorption, uptake, and retention of fluid. During intense physical activity, you need to replenish essential minerals you have lost in order to help regulate body temperature, lubricate your joints, and transport nutrients throughout your body.

When you become dehydrated during competition or training, especially when working out in hotter temperatures, your risk of cramps, dizziness, fatigue, heat exhaustion and heat stroke increases. And when you’re done working out, rehydration is just as important. You want a beverage that contains sodium, which will stimulate thirst and assist in fluid retention.

PWR LIFT packs sodium and four other powerful electrolytes—calcium, chloride, magnesium, and potassium—into one protein-infused water. This blend of essential minerals has all of the hydrating and replenishing benefits mentioned above. Increasing water absorption, regulating body temperature, lubricating joints, transporting nutrients, and preventing heat exhaustion are all important reasons why after intense physical activity you should rehydrate with an electrolyte-heavy drink, and with 650mg of electrolytes, PWR LIFT is an excellent hydration source.


BCAAs for Muscle Restoration

BCAAs are branched-chain amino acids—including leucine, isoleucine, and valine—found naturally in whey protein. When consumed during a workout, they help maintain blood glucose levels. When consumed after a workout, BCAAs help restore muscle glycogen—the fuel for your muscles—and limit muscle damage. This makes them especially useful if you have tough two-a-days on your schedule.

PWR LIFT contains whey protein and therefore BCAAs to help the body repair itself after muscles are broken down, better prepping you for your next hard session, whether it’s the next day or the same day.


No Sugar for a Healthier Choice

After interviewing experts for a study in Medical News Today, researchers believe that too much sugar may make dehydration and other symptoms worse.

In addition, too much sugar isn’t great for your health in general. Excess sugar in your blood can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. Your body can also store excess sugar as fat, which can lead to weight gain.

Long story short, it’s best to stay away from sports drinks that are loaded with sugar and other ingredients your body doesn’t need that could cause cardiovascular problems, cramps, dehydration, energy crashes, higher blood pressure, inflammation, and jitters.

PWR LIFT only uses natural sweeteners from monk fruit and stevia leaf extract, which means it contains zero added sugar and you’ll make zero compromises for your health and athletic performance.


Hydrating On-The-Go

PWR LIFT is full of electrolytes and BCAAs to assist with rehydration and recovery during and after your workout. And with 10g of protein, it’s a great way to get in a quick boost of protein during the Prime Window of Recovery™ before you can get in a full meal. It’s easy to throw a PWR LIFT into your gym bag so that you can have a Harder Working Hydration option on-hand.

At PWR LIFT, we take hydration very seriously. Our protein water was made specifically with hydration in mind, because we know a lot is on the line when you’re talking about replacing the nutrients you’ve lost after you’re done working hard. It’s as imperative to you that you choose the right drink as it is to us, which is why we created a healthy, functional beverage that can act as a quick and easy replenishment option in the gym and after the gym.

Stay hydrated, and PWR UP!

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