PWR LIFT Takes HYROX North American Championships (Chicago, IL)

It’s been incredibly rewarding to be HYROX’s official hydration sponsor for the ‘22 season, and, this past weekend, we continued this partnership at the HYROX North American Championships. Inside an electric arena at Navy Pier’s Festival Hall in Chicago, the top HYROX athletes from across the world met once more for a chance to prove themselves as the ultimate all-around athlete.

top HYROX athletes from across the world  warming up and talking in a large indoor gym

To form HYROX’s Elite 15 wave at the North American Championships, HYROX invites the top 15 overall finishers for the men’s and women’s pro division. These top tier competitors battle it out for a chance at a podium spot and thousands of dollars in cash prizes.

A happy athlete showing off his HYDRO badge with another female athlete flexing her bicepts


The Competition

Men on rowing machines and sweating

So what exactly does this showdown involve? HYROX competitions test every facet of athletic performance, starting with a 1km run, followed by eight functional fitness zones. In-between each zone is another 1km run.

Zone 1: 1000m SkiErg

Zone 2: 50m Sled Push

Zone 3: 50m Sled Pull

Zone 4: 80m Burpee Broad Jumps

Zone 5: 1000m Rowing

Zone 6: 200m Farmers Carry

Zone 7: 100m Sandbag Lunges

Zone 8: 100x Wall Balls

By the time the athletes complete the race, they’ll have run 8km total (almost 5 miles) and used every last muscle in their body. A HYROX event truly is the best test of well-rounded athlete.

The Team PWR LIFT Elite athletes are always at the top of the competitor list. In the Elite 15 race Dylan Scott and Ryan Kent represented on the men’s side, and Terra Jackson, Megan Jacoby, and Lauren Weeks raced on the women’s. Rich Ryan competed in the Men’s Doubles competition.

Right before the race, we got a window into some of our elite athletes’ mental preparations for competition when we asked them about their keys to victory:

“I have to go out hot. I have to pace my ski erg. I have to work on pushing through the pain on the lunges.” ~ Lauren Weeks

“I have to stay connected through the sleds; be aggressive through stations 4, 5, and 6; and hold it together through the Wall Balls.” ~ Dylan Scott


How Did Team PWR LIFT Elite perform?

Female athlete hard at work

In any championship event, you expect the competition to be steep, but at the HYROX ‘22 U.S. Champs, it was on another level. However, our Team PWR LIFT Elite athletes’ pre-race strategies paid off, as three athletes took the podium in their respective events:

Male Elite 15 Race

2nd Dylan Scott 59:45

7th Ryan Kent 1:02:37

Female Elite 15 Race

2nd Megan Jacoby 1:02:54

3rd Lauren Weeks 1:03:44

6th Terra Jackson 1:07:46


PWR LIFT, Your Official HYROX Hydration Sponsor

Men athlete warming up wearing PWR lift sponsored tshirts

At the finish line, a member of the PWR LIFT team handed out ice-cold products to over 1,500 racers as they crossed the finish line in exhaustion. There was also a PWR LIFT booth set up for the 500 spectators in attendance. Here, family, friends, and fans of the sport could try the product, talk to our team, and receive exclusive discounts.

With the opportunities to qualify for World Championships narrowing, expect to see these elite racers kicking into full gear for upcoming competitions in Houston (February 25th) and Dallas (March 18th). And, as always, catch us at the finish line!

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