HYROX 2023-2024 Men’s Season Preview 

The story of HYROX on the men's side has been the same for the better part of the event's inception.

Can anyone beat Hunter McIntyre?

McIntyre is coming off two straight dominating HYROX World Championship victories. So, the story will remain the same for the 2023-2024 season.

But there is depth worldwide and a slew of hungry competitors who will be gunning for the title this season.

Here are the names to watch for on the men's side during the 2023-24 HYROX season.

Hunter McIntyre (California)

The conversation typically starts and stops with "The Sheriff." The champion and ambassador has helped the sport grow and evolve for the past five years, and his dominance has only waned when he has taken the eye off the prize.

The most significant upset in HYROX history was in 2021 when Tobias Lautwein stood atop the podium, and McIntyre finished in a shocking fourth place. Since then, McIntyre has shown up in outstanding shape for the championship races, taken the reigns from the crack of the gun, and never once relented.

Seemingly, the only thing that can stop the HYROX World Record Holder (54:07) is himself. His pursuit of other goals could be the only thing that opens the door for his competitors.

Alex Roncevic (Austria) 

Outside of McIntrye, Roncevic has had the most impressive HYROX career of any active athlete. Roncevic has found himself on the podium in four of the last five HYROX World Championships.

The defending HYROX European Champion and World Championship runner-up continues to improve year-over-year and touts an impressive PR of 56:13. Could this be the year he gets over the hump and finishes in that top spot?

Ryan Kent (Colorado) 

Ryan Kent finished just off the podium at the 2023 HYROX World Championships in a heartbreaking photo finish against Tobias Lautwein, and it's safe to say his fire is lit. The 2022 HYROX North American Champion and 2022 World Championships runner-up is the only athlete to defeat Hunter McIntrye head-to-head since 2021.

If there’s a dark horse in the field for the 2024 HYROX Championships, Kent may be it. The former professional Spartan Race athlete is fully dedicated to HYROX and is hell-bent on never losing position in the final station again. Kent has the confidence and ability level to beat anyone in any race.

Jon Wynn (Australia) 

Wynn was new to the sport in 2023 and had an impressive debut, to say the least. The Australian living in Spain put up impressive times with a PR of 56:50, which makes him a shoo-in for the HYROX Majors this season.

Wynn impressively finished sixth at the 2023 HYROX World Championships while running an extra lap in the late stages of the race. Wynn also ran an extra lap at the HYROX North American championships, finishing 11th, and earned ninth at the European Championships.

Wynn has the ability and drive to do so, but he must clean up his race execution to take the next step in his championship results. With a full year under his belt, Wynn is one to watch in 2024.

Graham Halliday (Scotland) 

Graham Halliday is another newcomer to the elite scene after making more than a 10-minute improvement from his 2022 season. Halliday is an aggressive and confident racer who finished fifth at the HYROX World Championships in 2023 and was just 15 seconds away from the podium.

If Halliday can continue his progress, there is no reason he should not be a podium threat at every HYROX Major race and the World Championships. The question is how much he will improve on his high-end running. He has the strength and engine to compete with the best, but running will be something where he needs improvement if he strives to find that HYROX World Championship podium. 

Tobias Lautwein (Germany) 

The 2021 HYROX World Champion is as consistent a performer as they come. Lautwein has a knack for staying patient and making decisive moves in the second half of the race.

After an emotional third-place finish last year, it will be interesting to see what kind of form Lautwein will be in this year. He has an auto-bid to every HYROX Major this year, so he can take his time with training and show up when he needs to. The seasoned HYROX athlete has big race experience and should never be counted out at the end of the year.

Tim Wenisch (Germany) 

Wenisch is coming off a disappointing end to the 2023 season, where an injury prevented him from competing at the HYROX World Championships. Over the past two seasons, he has been one of the best regular-season athletes, putting up great times (PR of 56:07) and consistently winning most races he enters.

The young German athlete has been impacted in championship races due to injury and illness, but his ability and work ethic have still made him a name to watch. Wenisch finished second at the 2023 HYROX European Championship behind Roncevic and was fourth at the 2022 HYROX World Championships. If Wenisch can prioritize health and recovery, he should be in the mix with the front pack at this year's HYROX World Championships.

Rylan Schadegg (Utah) 

Rylan Schadegg has the highest ceiling of any athlete outside of McIntryre in the entire competitive field and has become a jack of all trades regarding hybrid racing and endurance events. Schadegg has a world championship title at the 2023 OCRWC 3K, was the Spartan Race North American Champion in 2022, and has world records at all three DEKA events.

The 2022-2023 HYROX season was not a focus for the young athlete, so we were unsure of his high-end potential, but his 2023-24 season debut of 58:11 shows that he has the strength and muscular endurance to mix it up with anyone on the HYROX course.

The question with Schadegg will lie with his priorities. How much time and effort will be put toward this event versus his other endeavors? Specialization pays dividends for HYROX athletes, but if anyone can do multiple events and excel, it will be Schadegg.

Dylan Scott (North Carolina)  

Dylan Scott is the darling of the HYROX world. A physical outlier who works harder than anyone in the field, he has found some high-level success in 2023 and continues to show improvement across multiple events. The 2023 HYROX North American runner-up had a disappointing finish to the 2023 season with a 14th-place finish at the World Championships.

Scott has been the emblem of consistency in training and race performance, so I will throw these results out as we start the 2023-24 season. Scott has already pushed himself near the Elite 15 with an international race trip to Sweden, finishing in 58:54. We should see him at many HYROX Major events, and we look forward to seeing what he can do in 2024.

David Magida (Washington, D.C.) 

The 2023 North American HYROX Champion is as good as anyone in the field if he is healthy and at his best. Magida, like Scott, also had a disappointing end to the 2023 season, finishing 15th at the championships due to a back injury.

We have seen Magida come back strong from injuries in previous years, and the 37-year-old knows how to adjust his training to ensure a seamless reentry to elite performances. The question, as with many athletes, will be health, but the Maryland native is a smart racer with a race as effective as anyone in the world.

Gabe Heck (Thailand) 

Gabe Heck stormed onto the scene in 2023 with a massive performance at the debut HYROX race in Hong Kong. Heck crossed the line in 58:01, which would have been the fastest debut of any HYROX athlete. He received a minute on-course penalty, though, which kept him outside of the Elite 15 last season.

The Wisconsin native has seen success at every distance endeavor he has taken on, but the access to competitive races will leave Gabe as a question mark this season. His first 2023 season race in Singapore was much slower than his HYROX debut. Still, Heck is a rare talent, and we will see much of him as the event expands.

Final Predictions

The 2023-2024 season will be exciting as the event continues to progress and grow. I predict we will not see much change at the top of the elite field, but I suspect we will see the depth of competitive athletes expand. Breaking the 60-minute barrier is something that will become more and more common, and the separation between the fifth and 30th athletes will shrink, making this year extremely challenging to break into the HYROX Elite 15.

We’ll find answers to all our questions as the season plays out. I’m ready to watch things unfold in what should be the most competitive season to date.



About the Author

Rich Ryan is an elite Hybrid Racing athlete, coach, content creator, and co-founder of RMR Training. He is also the host of two popular podcasts, RMR Training Podcast and Race Brain Podcast. 

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